A show experience for the whole family ❤️

Youngsters who love to perform 😍

The show is a high tempo mix of acrobatics, gymnastics, dancing, singing, comedy, tumbling and of course twists, double and triple somersaults on trampolines and other crazy equipment. 

The true center of the show, however, is the joy of life within each of the young performers. They simply love to be on stage, making the show a “high-flying” party every time.  😍

Get a sneak peak of the show 😉

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A truly unique show 😍

Flying Superkids is a truly unique show from the Kingdom of Denmark – the only one of its kind in the world! 

The perfomers’ incredible energy and amazing skills make the show an experience, you will never forget ❤️

Performed in 35 countries 😃🌏

We started out in 1967 as a traditional gymnastics team, but has evolved into an internationally renowned show ensemble.

Today the show performed in more than 35 countries and is experienced by over 35.000 people every year 💪

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